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The Mission of the Guild

The mission of the Property Masters Guild is three-fold. We strive to raise awareness of the craft and creative contributions of Property Masters within the entertainment industry and beyond it. The PMG fosters greater collaboration among Property Masters for the continued success and growth of the craft and its evolving needs. Finally, the Property Masters Guild educates its members and future generations of members to promote the highest standards of excellence in our craft while preserving its legacy.

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Property Master Russell Bobbitt, PMG, discusses props from some of his most memorable films. Video courtesy of IMDb.


Central to the Guild’s mission is mentoring the next generation of Property Masters. The entertainment industry is exploding with content, and with that comes a crushing need for more Property Masters. Traditionally, the craft of Property Master was taught through apprenticeship and mentoring, but the demand has overwhelmed the tradition. The onus is on us to train the next generation of exceptional Property Masters. The legitimacy and history of the craft demands it.

Illumination Training at Independent Studio Services


The Guild is proud to partner with community-based organizations to mentor traditionally underserved populations and expose them to the opportunities that exist below-the-line in the entertainment community. Through mentorships, workshops, and outreach, PMG is helping to create and maintain diverse crews and promote an environment of inclusiveness.

cocktail event

Guild Members at the PMG Inaugural Cocktail Event by BEN for Guild Members 📷 Mitchell Haddad Photography


At its heart, the Guild exists to support the collective of Property Masters that make up the craft including currently working members and retired members. Through membership, the Guild is able to pool resources available exclusively to its members to better empower them in their craft and highlight them across the industry and beyond.

pmg on tap

PMG on Tap Event at Thirsty Merchant


The heart of collaboration is in community. The more we are able to come together, the greater our ability to work together, to shape our craft for the future in an ever-changing industry, and the tighter our bonds to support one another and elevate our craft to new levels. While some events are members exclusive, many are open to the general public allowing potential future members and film fans to connect to Property Masters.

podcast recording

Chris Hansen PMG and Mikey Trudel PMG recording an episode of Prop Talk

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool of the Guild to connect to our members, our industry, the larger world of the fans of props and filmmaking. It was not long ago that the entertainment industry was a closed world, but with this new digital age we are now able to connect, share, educate and dialogue on a scale never before imagined. Be sure to follow us to stay connected! We can't wait to hear from you.

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ben sign

The team of BENlabs, a founding sponsor of the Guild. 📷 Mitchell Haddad Photography


It is only through the generosity of our sponsors that the Guild is able to continue on its mission to support and empower Property Masters. It is through their financial contributions, sharing of resources, and joining together in partnership that we build a stronger, more united industry. Please consider supporting the Guild through sponsorship.

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