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Video courtesy of the MBS Group and ISS


The Guild is proud to partner with community-based organizations to mentor traditionally underserved populations and expose them to the opportunities that exist below-the-line in the entertainment community. Through mentorships, workshops, and outreach, PMG is helping to create and maintain diverse crews and promote an environment of inclusiveness.

PMG’s Diversity Committee is dedicated to diversity and inclusion amongst our membership and the Property Master craft as a whole.

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ruby training

Diversity Committee Chair and Property Master Nicole Ruby, PMG, leading a group of students for Illumination Training.

Illumination Training

The Property Masters Guild is partnered with the MBS Group's Illumination Program, an initiative designed to introduce and train students from underserved communities, diverse backgrounds, and the formerly unhoused to provide a viable career path and help them establish a place in a supportive community.


Photo courtesy of Hollywood CPR

Hollywood CPR

Hollywood Cinema Production Resources (CPR) was started to help the people that may not have the access, money, or support to pursue a traditional film training program. They provide hands-on training for students to learn art and trade skills as they relate to the craft departments of the industry.


Photo courtesy of Streetlights


Streetlights is a job training and placement nonprofit with a goal to create careers, not just jobs, for underrepresented young women and men from diverse backgrounds. Taught by industry professionals, the students learn the skills necessary to succeed in the entertainment industry.

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