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Angela O'Neill and the Outrageous8

Angela O'Neill was born and raised in the beautiful Napa Valley in Calistoga, California. With a high school graduating class of 30, she's not much of a big city girl, at heart.

"Our home was always filled with music...I fell in love with Stan Kenton and Buddy Rich and Nancy my Dad's knee while he corrected History papers for the kids at Santa Rosa High School. My sister and my Mom have beautiful voices...and we sang and had my parent's music on ...everyday...all the time! I started playing the oboe in 3rd grade and played all the way through ardor for music has never cooled this day."

After graduating from UCLA's drama school...Angela has spent the greater part of her adult years in TV and film, has traveled the world and has been lucky enough to keep company with the MOST killer musicians here in Los Angeles....where she currently live and sings with Big Bands.

"The history and texture of the tunes from the 30s-50's...they are amazing. Each piece of music is like a history the development of this country. On my'll find a demo of some of my music, my new 6 tune CD is coming out in a couple of'll see information about that, and also info about my upcoming shows.


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