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Remy De La Mora, Musical Specialist

Updated: Apr 25

Rem grew up in a town called Guanajuato, the inspiration for the underworld in Pixar's Coco. His mom was active in the arts, and he ended up onstage in a play in the Teatro Juaréz at the age of 3 so he's always been around the theater or music in one way or another. After getting a scholarship to Berklee, he ended up following the music path and tells people he was raised by wolves there. He toured with an English jam band, recorded with Busta Rhymes and Swizz Beats, made a couple albums…and then returned to the drama dept. "I definitely feel like I’ve been returned to the right tribe, but I have all the experience of my feral time within the music jungle that I now bring to History for Hire working on shows with music focuses." Remy has worked with Michael Jortner on "A Complete Unknown," with Gay Perello on "Michael," and with James Eddy on "The Sympathizer."


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