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Los Angeles, CA
Local Union:
USA Western

Michael Trudel


I am a Los Angeles Local who grew up in Southern New Hampshire. I have been Prop Mastering for over 13 years starting in central Florida and making my way to the Los Angeles Area. Most of my experiance is in features and episodic drama and horror. I also have extensive knoweldge in podcasting, Rock Climbing, Ropes, Canyoneering, backpacking, tech, snowboarding and international travel.

Special Skills:
Saftey Classes, Entertainment Firearms Permit, F1 Rope and Anchoring Certified, Advanced Scuba Certified, Boaters License.
Rock Climbing, Outdoors camping and backpacking, Scuba Diving, Canyoneering, Snowboarding, Ropes trained, Horror and Blood, Weapons, Custom Props, Organization, Podcasting.
Kit Details:
48 ft Trailer
Experienced Mediums:
Features, Single Camera TV, Travel Shows
Experienced Genres:
Comedy, Horror, Period, Science Fiction, Modern Drama
Kit Vehicles:
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