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Local Union:
Canada Eastern

Mary Arthurs


I have been a Property Master based in Toronto Canada since 1995. I jumped in to film and television after a crash course in the craft in community theatre. My love of, and reverence for objects started at an early age in that I was surrounded by antiques and well schooled in the domestic arts. Add on the ability to deconstruct text to find meaning that I learned through my 4 years at the University of Toronto and a Property Master was born.

I have been lucky enough to work on a variety of projects in various genres and across many budget categories. I have travelled with work, getting to lead teams in Brasil, Uruguay and The Czech Republic and would welcome the opportunity to do so again. Accountability, integrity, diplomacy and crisis management are some of my strengths. Leading a team and collaborating with other departments and creatives to help tell the story creatively is essential. On every project I get to learn something new. That is the joy of being a Propery Master!

Special Skills:
BA Hons: English & History & Semiotics . PAL. Food Handling & Safety Ontario
food styling
Kit Details:
48'trailer full plus 20x20 storage
Experienced Mediums:
Commercials, Features, Live Event, Music Videos, Single Camera TV
Experienced Genres:
Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Military, Modern Drama, Period, Police, Science Fiction, Medical
Kit Vehicles:
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