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Los angeles
Local Union:
USA Southwest

Joshua Bramer


I have been mastering the craft of being a Property Master for over 15 years. With a outstanding eye for detail, I have been lucky enough to work on almost every genre of film. from period and modern day features s to music videos and commercials. I always welcome a challenge and thrive on projects the require lots of creativity! Being a kind person and making new friends along the way is probably my favorite part of my job!


Special Skills:
Entertainment firearms permit
Pull rabbits out of hats
Kit Details:
Everything and anything needed
Experienced Mediums:
Commercials, Documentary, Features, Live Event, Music Videos, Reality TV, Single Camera TV, Variety, Stage Volumes, Travel Shows
Experienced Genres:
Comedy, Fantasy, Medical, Period, Police, Modern Drama, Military, Science Fiction, Horror
Kit Vehicles:
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