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Local Union:
Canada Eastern

Jim Murray


I've worked in Film and TV for almost 30 years now.

I mainly work in Toronto.

I have 4 amazing daughters, so having a strong work life balance is very important to me.

For years I was the horror person, working on a number of the SAW franchise movies, on a few George A. Romero films and GDT's The Strain.

Then I became the space person, working on The Expanse, Beacon 23, Star Trek Discovery and Star Trek Strange New Worlds.

I am currently working on the HBO TV Series Welcome to Derry which will explore the origin story of Pennywise based on the IT movies.


I love that we now have a place for us to communicate with eachother and celebrate all the amazing work each of us does.

I am in awe of so many of you and your work.

It is a pleasure to be in such company.






Special Skills:
Wireless RC2/4 Units, Space Helmets and support units.
Kit Details:
Experienced Mediums:
Features, Multi Cam TV, Motion Capture, Single Camera TV
Experienced Genres:
Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Medical, Military, Modern Drama, Science Fiction, Police, Period
Kit Vehicles:
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