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Los Angeles
Local Union:
USA Western

Anna Loesby


Anna Loesby has been working as a Property Master for over ten years, getting her start in the New Media world of the early 2010s. She has experience with high- and low- budget features, narrative and reality television, and commercials. While her preference is to be the Property Master, she has experience in every role in the department - from running set, to shopping, to running the trailer, to day-playing. She loves to work on shows that take her out of Los Angeles - although LA will always be home base!

Visit her website at

Special Skills:
Food Styling, Floral Styling
Kit Details:
Modern & Vintage Kitchen, School, Photo Printer, Shelving
Experienced Mediums:
Commercials, Documentary, Features, Reality TV, Single Camera TV, Travel Shows
Experienced Genres:
Comedy, Horror, Modern Drama, Period, Science Fiction
Kit Vehicles:
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