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Local Union:
USA Hawaii

Angela O'Neill


My name is Angela O'Neill and I guess I ended up in Props...because I love to know how to do stuff! My original entry into Art dept was as an Art Department coordinator and I think that experience gave me a very unique and really helpful overview into how the internal mechanics of the ARt Dept works...prior to that I worked as a PA driver...and it really helps to be kind to your teamster friends also:)

I put my resume' ect above...any questions...please reach out!

Special Skills:
Gun card
Kit Details:
Large and relevant kit..collected over 28 years as a Prpmaster
Experienced Mediums:
Features, Multi Cam TV, Single Camera TV, Documentary
Experienced Genres:
Comedy, Horror, Medical, Military, Modern Drama, Period, Police, Science Fiction
Kit Vehicles:
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